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Merrick Seafood is Southwest Florida’s full-service fresh and frozen seafood processor and distributor. For over 30 years, we’ve been one of the largest seafood distributors in Southwest Florida. In fact, our family-owned and operated facility processes one million pounds of seafood annually!

We currently supply over 250 restaurants in the area, delivering the freshest seafood and excellent customer service to our customers Monday through Saturday. We offer a wide range of services and boast a well-trained sales and customer service staff that are ready to handle all your seafood needs. We’re proud to provide the finest quality fresh and frozen seafood products to restaurants, markets, hotels, catering services, and convention facilities throughout Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties. We offer fast and on-time deliveries six days a week, with refrigerated trucks delivering anywhere in Southwest Florida.

Why Choose Fin Fish?

Fin fish is a staple when it comes to center-of-the-plate presentations. That’s due to the sheer variety offered within the category. You can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect fish to complement your menu, and we’re here to help with any special requests.

At Merrick Seafood, we supply all manner of fin fish – from local favorites such as grouper and American red snapper to international specialties like sole, turbot, and bronzini. As a wholesale seafood distributor, we’re able to source sustainable local fish from the Gulf of Mexico and Florida’s Atlantic Coast, as well as species from all over the globe – including the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas. With how quickly the seafood industry changes, our purchasing team continuously vet new products to supply to our customers.

Our team of cutting experts can cut your fish any way you’d like, including specialty cuts. If you prefer your fish whole, we can scale and gut at your request. At Merrick Seafood, we receive, process, portion, filet, butterfly, and distribute fresh seafood from our facility in downtown Cape Coral.


When it comes to the quality of our seafood, we leave nothing to chance. Food safety, quality control, and proper handling are always our top priorities. Not only do we comply with strict local and federal regulations, but Merrick Seafood goes above and beyond by applying a higher, proprietary criteria that must be met. Our employees also receive specialized training on each product we offer to ensure that our seafood meets our rigorous quality standards at each step.

We operate in full compliance with HACCP and are regularly inspected by local and federal agencies. In addition, our quality control team manages all internal procedures daily to ensure that we exceed compliance standards.

We receive fresh seafood daily at our facility. Our trained quality assurance team thoroughly examines every shipment that comes through our door the day it arrives, rejecting any products that don’t measure up to our benchmarks.

From working with our vendors to transportation, preparation, and the final delivery to you, Merrick Seafood is committed to providing the freshest, highest quality seafood in Southwest Florida.


At Merrick Seafood, sustainability is at our core.

We understand that our actions today have consequences tomorrow. This knowledge shapes our day-to-day decisions and the long-term vision for our company. For decades, Merrick Seafood has been proud to source from sustainable, eco-conscious vendors both locally and around the world. Our suppliers care just as much about the future of our industry as we do.

We carefully source our products by assessing each vendor. This entails quality checks to measure their sustainability efforts. Since we hold ourselves to a high standard, we expect the same from our partners. So when you buy from Merrick Seafood, you’ll always be fully informed about the fish you purchase.

By keeping our sustainability effort fluid, we can be sure that our practices are in line with the ever-changing ecosystem of the ocean. It’s crucial that our marine life has an adequate number of adults to maintain a steady reproduction rate. Allowing adult fish to thrive enables their young to grow into a harvestable size. Thus, the reproductive cycle can continue indefinitely.

Naturally, seasonality plays a significant role in our purchasing decisions. We closely monitor the best places and times to source the highest quality seafood. No matter where we source our seafood, sustainability always remains a top priority.

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Product List

Fin Fish


Origin: Hawaii, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama


Origin: USA, Brazil, Costa Rica


Origin: USA, Nicaragua, Panama


Origin: USA, Mexico

Chilean Salmon

Origin: Chile

Mahi Mahi

Origin: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador

Scottish Salmon

Origin: Faroe Islands

Ora King Salmon

Origin: New Zealand


Origin: USA, Canada


Origin: USA


Origin: USA


Origin: USA

Striped Bass

Origin: USA

Chilean Sea Bass

Origin: Chile


Origin: Chile


Origin: Spain


Origin: Spain



Origin: Gulf of Mexico, Virginia, Connecticut, California


Origin: Gulf of Mexico, Massachusetts


Origin: USA, Japan


Origin: USA


Origin: USA, Canada

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